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One of the problems with writing a manual about a moving object is that it's difficult to represent that movement on a written page, so where there is something animated occurring, I will provide all the code that I'm using so that you can try it at home and have an online version as well.

Then we'll change the graph to update automatically (on a schedule) when the data changes.

For most developers and designers, these shorthand methods will be all that they ever need to use.

The j Query AJAX shorthand methods post, get, and load are featured in this chapter.

If it is your first MVC project then check the structure of application, Content (contains theme and css files), Controllers (contains our controller classes), Models (Models to use in view to pass values from page to controllers) and Views (page UI).

To keep this article simple, we will use LINQ To SQL Classes to fetch data from database, so create LINQ To SQL Class by right clicking on the solution New Item.., it will open a dialog to add new item so select LINQ To SQL Classes and give name Open Sever Explorer from view menu and add your database, where you created your products table, say Northwind Drag Products table to the surface Our application structure is completed, now we will create our own controller.

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For the most part, this form would be used as in any other Django app, but since we're adding in a little Ajax, I include my javascript libraries (in this example, Prototype) in the same template as the form.

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