Tmg malware inspection not updating

Users of the TMG Firewall Client can be notified of the inspection.

Network Inspection System (NIS) Traffic can be inspected for exploits of Microsoft vulnerabilities.

Web antivirus/anti-malware protection Inbound and outbound Web traffic is inspected for viruses and malware, including archived folders. For large files, users are trickled the file to assure them the file is being downloaded.

Well first of TMG is mostly a product to secure your network from outside intrusion, and you would use UAG if you wish to publish internal resources in the most secure manner. This is exclusive of the hard disk space required for caching or for temporarily storing files during malware inspection.Forefront TMG uses Microsoft Reputation Services for URL filtering, combining multiple sources to increase coverage of URLs and categorization.URLs and categories will increase as the Forefront TMG Beta 3 continues through Summer 2009.Since I wrote previously about Lync 2010 and I stated there that you need Forefront TMG to use as an reverse proxy for Lync components.(You can also use other HLB products such BIG-IP or Netscaler but remember that they don’t have the security capabilities that TMG has, but then again Netscaler and BIG-IP are hardware appliances, so I’m guessing they have a lot better speed than TMG does) Therefore I thought that everyone could use a quick introduction so what Forefront TMG actually is. Now support fully Lync so you can use UAG to act as a reverse proxy as well. (for short Threat Management Gateway) and previously known as ISA (Internet Security and Acceleration) Server.

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