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Parents have been scared into believing if they do not vaccinate their child, the child could die from a childhood disease — childhood diseases that throughout history have been proven as the safest way to acquire natural immunity.Presently in the USA, we have arrived to a most shocking time in history where government is now calling for federally mandated vaccinations using a vaccination schedule, not only for children, but for adults as well, with little to no exemptions.These vaccination quotes contain information that should not, in my opinion, be ignored. Look for competent research – research that is not from a government organization, agency, from those who have pharmaceutical ties or from those who spread the “vaccines are safe and effective” mantra without any credible proof.In the meantime, take a look at these vaccination quotes from the experts and researchers.

In recent times, there has been much debate in the press and in the doctor's office regarding what possible side-effects vaccines cause and whether these outweigh the risks of leaving a population without a vaccination schedule.

The anti-vaccination movement is a loosely organized conspiracy theorist subculture which blames the medical practice of vaccinations for a wide range of health problems.

The movement, to a large majority led by people with no medical or scientific qualifications (or, ironically, stripped credentials), is based largely on spuriously alleged short- and long-term side effects of vaccination.

If the medical profession was truly upfront about vaccine risks, would they not simply provide parents with this information, without even being asked? I might add that many parents of children who've been vaccine-damaged find their M. suddenly very-very un-receptive to their plight once their child has been harmed. It's not enough that the medical profession lies to us about vaccine risks/efficacy; they then go on to deny the cause of the problems, & don't want to hear from or help you! The NFB documentary ‘Shots in the Dark’ contains footage of a U. pediatrician who treats vaccine-damaged, autistic children, & in this excellent presentation ‘Trojan Horses & Cluster Bombs’ Dr. D.) explains a TON about vaccines, vaccine science, the human immune system, the dangers of aluminum, how it crosses the blood-brain barrier, the aluminum-autism link, and how scientific findings are blatantly, deliberately lied about, distorted & used by the vaccine lobby. Includes a panelist who used to work for Merck (the giant pharmaceutical company) & now preaches an anti-vaccination message (her site = affected parents & 2 MDs. And they keep repeating that the benefits of vaccinations outweigh the risks.

At the very end she exhorts parents to learn about this important issue, & then speak up to their own doctors. But they don’t really have the studies to prove that.” – “I was once an idiot.

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