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They asked each team to imagine itself in charge of deciding what content Starbucks should create for two personas: Faye Weaver and Lila Chan.Let’s say you’ve just received those three handouts. In our exercise, the first column, Persona, was completed: Business Traveler in one row, Student in another row.And so "Page Six" is now rarely found before page 10.

"The Page," as it is often called by those who work for it, has become the premier brand name for postmodern gossip, worthy of parody and, as management decided back in the mid-90s, enough of a destination to appear on any page.

That's right: gossip is now used to sell advertising, and to the likes of Coach and Bloomingdale's, no less-a far cry from the days when the But that is the past, and there is little room for the past in "Page Six"'s present-tense worldview, even though, to use a Winchell-era phrase, "Page Six" has quite a past itself.

Certainly the great bulk of items reported by the Page have the shelf life of lunchmeat, but some stories have withstood the test of time.

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The Page has since broken news of Donald and Marla's affair, Woody Allen's relationship with his "stepdaughter," and Kirstie Alley's possum-nursing fetish.

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