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But, there were worse things we saw on the red carpet, so…Not to mention, Joe's had a lot of red carpet practice over the years.Related: Kate Hudson & New Man Danny Fujikawa Make Red Carpet Debut Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, and Miranda Kerr were among the illustrious set, which also included Brie Larson, Kate Bosworth, Charlize Theron, Nick Jonas, Demi Moore, Frieda Pinto, and more.Seriously though, everyone looked classy as fuck, except perhaps for Ri Ri, who unfortunately wore a huge fur coat and jeans, which mimicked the cowboy-esque theme of the collection.

I didn't know whether to pick up and leave or just punch something."The Jonas Brothers almost weren't the Jonas Brothers Joe reveals that the band were lumped with the name J3, which they all "hated".Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas, who all starred in hit Disney movie Camp Rock, will be joined by their younger brother Frankie who will make his big screen debut in Walter the Farting Dog. He writes on the band''s official website, "Just wanted to thank everyone for all of the comments, messages, etc. We were busy all day filming our new show so everyone showed up at the set and sang Happy Birthday. The 20-year-old, who admits she is one of the trio''s legion of female devotees, doubts Kevin, 21, Joe, 19, and Nick, 16, will have the willpower to stay chaste - when they have millions of willing girls at their disposal.\r\n She tells Glamour magazine, "I''m addicted to The Jonas Brothers, but do I think it''s true that they won''t have sex until they are married? If the Jonas Brothers are virgins - then I''m a man." JONAS BROTHERS - JONAS DATING BELLE?The brothers will play musicians who are asked to care for a fat dog with severe flatulence, according to "Then a friend let me use his car (a Lamborghini) for the day. THE JONAS BROTHERS heart-throb JOE JONAS is reportedly dating 10,000 BC actress CAMILLA BELLE - just weeks after splitting from country singer TAYLOR SWIFT The 19-year-old is rumoured to have been quietly romancing Belle, 22, following her appearance in the video to his band''s latest single, Lovebug. She rages, "It’s so crazy when you spend your entire life and all of your energy trying to be a good person and trying to be a good role model and trying to make the right decision and you make the right decisions and you make the right choices and people make things up about you. “It’s really, really scary that someone can just say something and it gets spread around the Internet and all of a sudden it’s a verified rumour, with no grounds. , , Disney "Camp Rock", , "Walter the Farting Dog". The eldest of THE JONAS BROTHERS was seen driving younger sibling JOE around Los Angeles in the white Lamborghini. The 18 year old, who revealed she and Jonas had split earlier this week (beg03Nov08), admits she''s appalled by the stories suggesting she''s with child. news show Access Hollywood, "I have devoted my entire life to not having something like that happen.

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