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In the case of this solidbody electric labeled “Lee Stiles,” the throw came from West Virginia by way of Miami!

It was in many ways primitive, but at the same time it was also clearly “manufactured.” As it turns out, this was one of the earliest guitars produced by the late luthier who was one of the driving forces behind the arts renaissance called the Augusta Heritage Program, which still thrives in Elkins, West Virginia, Gilbert Lee Stiles.

In early 1993, G&L had run out of neck plates with serial numbers and, in order to keep production moving, used some leftover bridges from the early 1980s.In 1971, Leo and Forrest White formed Tri-Sonics to resume manufacturing.They incorporated in ’72 and in ’73 changed the name to Musitek, which proved difficult to pronounce, so Leo came up with Music Man.However, there are other names on the musical landscape that are not so obviously the children of Leo Fender, as represented here by this ’81 G&L F-100-I.Even after Fender sold Fender Musical Instruments to CBS during the corporate feeding frenzy of 1965, he couldn’t walk away from the love of his life.

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