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Furry fandom is also used to refer to the community of artists, writers, role players and general fans of the furry art forms who gather on the net and at conventions.

The need for change is illustrated by this story from Yama (before he was infected), an example of today’s furry world: “…we had a group of [furry] friends we played with.

It was only those guys, and we all played bare because of it.

An animal or being that walks primarily on the front 'digits' of one's feet or paws. A term used to describe the 'backwards-jointed' leg of most mammalian animals.

In truth, the plantigrade legs of most animals are jointed much the same as the digitigrade legs of humans, with different length and size proportions in the leg bones.(abv.) Abbreviation for 'in character'.

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If you feel you know enough about Furry culture to write something reasonable about it, you're certainly welcome to ^_^; I'm afraid for myself that I don't know much about it.

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