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Not only are these our favorites because they’re the most popular, but also because they’re either completely free or mostly free — saving you money and time!

Best Overall | Feet | Femdom | Gay | Chat | BBW Our first section highlights the cream of the crop in terms of dating websites for fetishes.

Getting excited by the feet is not dirty, animal or ugly. As a member of the Foot Fetish Partners network, we have a unique process that helps you find your best partner.

There’s no such thing as normal I get it, feet can be gross. It’s intimate The thing I found sexiest about the foot thing was not actually the foot thing. What I mean is, the hottest thing was the process of discovering someone I was sleeping with was turned on by feet. An actual foot-job; using your toes to tickle the pickle.

It can, at times, feel like you’re doing the hokey-fucking-cokey.

He didn’t care if was rocking a huge bush or if I hadn’t shaved my legs for weeks.

Whether before, during and after sex, foot fetish has been the passion of millions throughout the centuries. Your feet, after all, produce the same pheromones as your genitals and armpits.

Pheromones - as you may know by now - play a wonderful role in attracting your sexual partner.

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