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Have you ever wondered why a job didn't work out, why one didn't inspire you, or why you haven't yet found that ONE single mission in life you were meant to do with your time here?

Have you ever wondered why a relationship came crashing down, or you could never quite get the kinds of dates, friends, or teammates that really could make your life all you ever wanted?

Still wondering if Advanced Dating Techniques is legit or a scam?

Are you getting bored with dating attractive girls?

It has everything to do with your awareness of your own psychology, character, maturity, and identity.

For many years, psychologists have tried, and failed, to find one single body of ideas - a true system - that explains the exact workings of character and its direct effect on our success. Paul synthesizes the best schools of psychology to give you a fool-proof road map to attract and win the women you want.

Based on diagrams in actual psychology, Mind OS explains hard core science concepts.

It requires patience to learn and practical application, but it's definetely a book to be read with a pen and paper near you."Mind OS: The Operating System of the Human Mind: How to Accomplish Your Mission in Life".

The operating system of our minds is presented as Mind OS, a system for solving emotional issues and reaching goals.

I hadn’t touched it for five years and the last time I read it, I was at a point of my life where I didn’t know how to look at women, let alone how to talk to them.

I was a bloody beginner and this book gave me a foundation that I could build upon.

I must confess that this is among the most effective dating programs I have come across in this otherwise competitive industry.

Are you inclined to find out more about this exceptional dating guide? Advanced Dating Techniques is the brainchild of David De Angelo who is one of the most trusted and respected dating and relationship experts for men today.

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  2. By calling before the date (or after it), I try to break the ice, make a human connection, show her my personality, and attempt a real relationship here. Putting aside these as exceptions, it basically means the individual is simply too comfortable (lazy) or too hesitant (immature) to live on his or her own. I don’t expect a Medal of Honor, just a “thank you” would be great.