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I’m interested in building functional bots/integrations that save people time, help people with their jobs and help teams be more efficient.If you’re interested in developing your own custom integrations too, you can join nearly 70 devs chatting and brainstorming in the Slack Developer Hangout.At XOXCO, we’ve been having a ball building our own bots and integrations for our Slack team.If you don’t already know about how these things can help you at your job, my colleague Ben has written a bunch of thoughtful articles about this topic lately. Watch These Nude Amazons Riding On Horseback And Have A Great Time.

Eventually bots will kill online poker I'm guessing unless a real solid detection method is found for them. However a bot can be programmed much more sophisticated then that.

For more information about the Slack wiki tool, you should really read Ben’s post.

It goes into way more detail about what is it and how it works.

We’ve had a lot of interest in our Slack plug-ins since talking about them on Medium, but there’s more work to be done before they are ready to be productized or even released.

That being said, if you would be interested in using them at your organization, I want to talk to you!

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