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I also use the following terms to mean the same thing: Asian American, Asian Pacific American (APA), and Asian Pacific Islander (API).By necessity, much of the data and discussion within Asian-Nation focuses on the dozen or so largest Asian ethnic groups that represent the vast majority of the Asian American population.It is the first day of the whole year in Chinese lunar calendar.It's hard to miss the good fortune or happiness messages hung in red from every doorway and the smell of feasts being cooked as families gather at this time.

Villagers are afraid of this monster, so they come up with a way to frighten and expel Xi by lighting bamboos and paste red paper on their doors.This buffer state is no more one; it has emerged as a power to reckon with.Afghanistan has always influenced world cultures and heritage, more than their military or political mindset.In addition, due to the fact that this country is one of the existing oldest cultures, traditions have grown over centuries with unique festivals, customs, arts and cuisines.Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival) is the most important festival celebrated all over the country.

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